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Skilled West Palm Beach Attorney Providing ADA Compliance Defense

We defend our clients from frivolous ADA compliance lawsuits. Many companies have been targeted by individuals looking to bully companies with ADA lawsuit abuse. Our firm seeks to resolve these claims with the least expense to your company. We represent all kinds of businesses, from small shops to national chains, so you can trust us to get the job done correctly. The cases can be a source of unnecessary expense and aggravation, one your company should not have to deal with alone. Gary A. Isaacs, P.A. has more than 30 years of experience as an ADA compliance attorney in West Palm Beach, and he can help you in your fight for a quick case resolution.

Understanding the Americans With Disabilities Act

When determining if a company is following the law with regard to ADA compliance, it’s helpful to examine the relevant titles of the legislation. Title II deals with public entities like government agencies, and it states that there should be equal access to programs and services for all people, regardless of disability. Title III applies to any place of public accommodation, and sets construction standards that must be met to afford everyone the same opportunities to enjoy services, goods or facilities without obstruction from architectural barriers. If you feel that your company is being wrongfully accused of not following the letter of the law, we can help you resolve your ADA compliance case.

Fighting for Your Company’s Rights in Jupiter

If you’re being taken advantage of by your employees, Gary A. Isaacs, P.A. can handle your labor law case in Jupiter or West Palm Beach. Whether the issue can be resolved amicably or it has to go through litigation for resolution, he will aggressively explore all avenues in pursuit of the best possible outcome. To schedule an appointment for a consultation, or to learn about his experience as a disability discrimination lawyer, call us today at 561-655-9300.