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Lawyer Helping With Non-Compete Agreements in West Palm Beach

Information is a valuable commodity in today’s business world, which is why many companies ask workers to sign a covenant not to compete (CNC). Trade secrets and training represent a significant amount of trust and investment in an employee, and it’s reasonable for a business to protect itself from employees who might otherwise go to work for direct competition without first providing a return for that time and effort. If your employees have signed a CNC and there’s now a dispute because they want to leave for another position, a non-compete agreement attorney can help resolve the situation. Gary A. Isaacs, P.A. has three decades of experience assisting West Palm Beach residents with these types of disputes, and he can help find out if you’re being treated fairly.

Is Your Contract Enforceable?

Like any other type of contract, a CNC needs to meet certain legal requirements to be enforceable. In Florida, an employer may enforce the agreement if it has reasonable provisions regarding geographic territory and length of time. Employers must also demonstrate that legitimate business concerns like trade secrets or excessive training are being protected. If a judge determines that the company is using this covenant arbitrarily or as some sort of punishment, he or she could rule that it isn’t valid.

Conveniently Close to Jupiter

If you feel that your employer in Jupiter or West Palm Beach has stolen your time by failing to follow the law or honor your employment agreement, contact Gary A. Isaacs, P.A. and get an aggressive advocate to stand in your corner. To schedule a consultation or learn how a non-compete and severance agreement lawyer can help after you leave a job, call us today at 561-655-9300.

West Palm Beach Lawyer Helping Draft Severance Agreements

In today’s volatile business world, layoffs are becoming an unfortunately uncommon occurrence. If your company is planning layoffs or a corporate restructure, you should be preparing severance agreements for your employees. If you need assistance drafting a severance agreement and laying out its conditions, a severance pay agreement attorney can help you craft an enforceable agreement. Gary A. Isaacs, P.A. has been helping West Palm Beach companies with legal issues for more than 30 years, and he can help you draft the legal paperwork you need.

Crafting Your Contract’s Language

When you offer your employees a golden parachute when they are laid off, it’s standard to provide non-compete and confidentiality provisions to prevent the dissemination of valuable trade secrets. The most important thing to remember is that while Florida doesn’t require companies to offer severance packages, it does prevent them from requiring employees to sign a contract to get the money that they are already owed. If the language of your agreement contains unreasonable temporal or geographic demands, it’s likely that your company will have a hard time enforcing these stipulations of the settlement. To avoid all of these issues, you should hire an experienced severance pay agreement attorney like Gary A. Isaacs, P.A.

Serving Businesses in the Jupiter Area

If you are planning to let employees go from their jobs in West Palm Beach or Jupiter, contact Gary A. Isaacs, P.A. for help negotiating an exit package. With three decades of experience as a severance agreement lawyer, he can help pursue a fair settlement for you and your former employees. To find out what our business law firm can do for you, or to schedule a consultation appointment, give us a call today at 561-655-9300.